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Dear All, it is my honor to introduce the “Animal Lovers’ Blog” which I created in July, 2012. This blog is dedicated to animals and to all those authors, who love animals and care about them.
My respectful readers and friends know, that I have been a big nature lover since my childhood. As a very Nature lover person I care much about the Environment and always write about the importance of protecting the Nature in my official blog (“Arlen Shahverdyan: Author’s blog”). Its main aims are to represent my literary activity as well as to inseminate Love and Care to the Nature.  
But one day I decided to create also another separate virtual “place”, another separate blog entitled “Animal Lovers’ Blog”. This blog consists of rebloggs of posts about animals. You can find the posts through “Recent Posts”, “Calendar” or “Archives” widgets.
I hope that this is an interesting novelty for my readers, especially for those who love nature and care about it. This blog is a good, useful and nice opportunity for all those blogger authors, whose posts are reblogged here as they are presented for a great number of new readers, for a big new audience.
I hope, that the respectful and permanent readers of my main blog will like this blog too and will follow it.
Could you kindly write your comments and oppinions HERE
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Arlen Shahverdyan
Author, Writer, founder of the blog