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The lion population is dying out 

The lion population is dying out

Saturday December 8,2012

By Julie Carpenter

THERE’S a reason why the lion is considered one of Africa’s most iconic animals.

Watching one recently during a South African safari it was impossible to hold back a sharp intake of breath as this great beast swaggered across our path, tail slowly swishing, his huge mane unruffled by the early morning wind.

There was something spine-tingling about being able to view this majestic male, coolly unperturbed by our presence, wending his way through the undergrowth to proudly take up a prime position on an open plain to survey his kingdom.

Even the way he walked seemed to indicate power, strength and authority.

So it might come as a surprise to learn that lions now need our help – badly. A study released this week has revealed that lion populations have dropped by a staggering two-thirds…

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