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Coyotes have learned to survive and even thrive in our human disturbed environments. In the picture below is a desert coyote looking through our patio window.  Although he appreciates the delicious smells of dinner preparation, this coyote will have to hunt for his own meal in the Arizona desert.

In Native American tales of the coyote, this animal is either respected for its intelligence or the coyote is frowned upon for being cunning and manipulative.  We carry admiration for this wild member of the canine family.  Coyotes have never given us problems except overturned trash cans on a few occasions.


The size of the coyote home range varies from one family to another. Home areas are larger in late winter during the coyote mating season, and smaller in the spring when food is plentiful and the mated coyote pairs are raising pups.

Look closely in the photo above…

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