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 A couple of days ago, in my last post, I promised to upload some caterpillar photos. Well, here they are! These are a few white box pictures of tobacco hornworms (Manduca sexta). Apparently this species ranges into British Columbia, but I’ve never found one. And there certainly wouldn’t be any available in the wild locally at this time of year. I bought these specimens in a local per shop. I was there to pick up some crickets (mantid and scorpion food) and saw that they had some of these caterpillars (and also silkworms: Bombyx mori) for sale. Needless to say, I purchased some to play with.

I really like these critters, not that they do much—they are really just big fat eating machines (they grow up to 70 millimetres in length). As you can see, they are a beautiful translucent turquoise colour with diagonal white stripes on…

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