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This video is called Manu Park, Peru.

From Wildlife Extra:

New monkey, marsupial and shrew amongst 8 new mammal species found in Peru

New night monkey discovered in Peru

‘One of the largest and most important discovery for decades’

October 2012. As Curiosity searches for evidence of life on Mars, discoveries of new life on our own planet are still being made. Often nowadays they include some new inse[c]t species, or some fish; perhaps even a couple of frogs, and very occasionally a new mammal.

Eight new mammal species

A team of scientists from Peru and Mexico, led by Gerardo Ceballos of the Institute of Ecology (IE) of the UNAM (National University of Mexico), and Horacio Zeballos of the Natural History Museum of Arequipa, have made a series of discoveries, including potentially eight new mammal species, that may be one…

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