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Usyaka and Pirate

Hello, everybody! How have you been?
We are still here, still taking pictures, still helping street cats, still blogging, although not that often these days.

The biggest news is the project that was launched by Victoria from Neo Watercolour blog. You probably remember her awesome painting of Usyaka. Well, she’s now selling postcards, bookmarks and even banners with this painting on, to raise money for feral cats of Montenegro.

I don’t have enough words to thank her for what she’s doing. Her actions are one of the biggest lessons of kindness I’ve ever learnt.

Thank you, Victoria, really very much!

a photo of cats' paws stretching towards a red rubber heart

As for photos of Usyaka – while I was composing a post with crazy Usyaka playing with toys, I thought I’d show you the way the colour of her eyes changes, depending on the background or reflector used for a shot.
Her eyes can be yellow because of…

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