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UK Garden Spider

European Garden Spider

I’m not a big fan of spiders. They may be intellectually fascinating, but downright creepy otherwise. Just the other day I walked through a spider web thread in our conservatory. I didn’t think much of it and brushed the thread away. Back inside the house, I looked down and saw a giant, and I mean GIANT, spider on my collar. I screamed. The cat jumped. I flicked and stomped. The cat jumped again. I sighed. I reassured the cat. All was well in my world again.

So what was I thinking when I spotted in my garden several large spiders perched on their webs? Please don’t jump, bite, or be poisonous! Not knowing much about British bugs*, I had no clue, so I went online to learn that I’d met Araneus diadematus (a.k.a.  the cross spider, European garden spider, diadem spider, or cross orbweaver).

Should it comfort me…

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