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On Sunday 23 September, again to Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve.

We started early in the morning at Grote Praambult hill, near the railway. It was foggy. Even trees not far away looked vague. I could just see that in one of those trees a blue tit sat on top, and a great tit a bit lower. Very different from the panorama view of the reserve which one has here usually.

A great cormorant flew overhead. A big flock of starlings sat on the railway wires. When a train approached, they all flew away.

Gradually, the fog dissolves. Now, we can see that two carrion crows sit in a tree across the railway. A bit further, two red deer; a fawn and its mother.

Great egret in tree above konik horses, Oostvaardersplassen, 23 September 2012

A great egret flying. Then, a great egret in a tree above konik horses.

Five Egyptian geese flying.

A chiffchaff calls.

Then, a special bird. An osprey

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