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The Smaller Majority

In the final post on the amazing fauna of the Galapagos Islands, I thought I would present another animal that somehow failed to impressed Charles Darwin when he visited the archipelago in 1835. Upon seeing the majestic, peaceful land iguanas (Conolophus), he remarked that they were “ugly animals, of a yellowish orange beneath, and of a brownish-red colour above: from their low facial angle they have a singularly stupid appearance.” He then proceeded to molest them by pulling them out of their burrows by their tails, and complain that “we could not for some time find a spot free from their burrows on which to pitch our single tent.”

But I find land iguanas absolutely beautiful, and their facial expression is to me one of serenity and ageless wisdom. They are, however, rather cantankerous creatures, and despite their peaceful appearances males often engage in fierce territorial fights. Land…

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