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This video is called Over 73 Million Sharks Killed Every Year for Fins.

From The National daily in the United Arab Emirates:

Dozens of rare sharks being sold for fin soup in Dubai market

Colin Simpson

Sep 23, 2012

DUBAI // Rare sharks are being sold at Deira fish market so their fins can be hacked off to make soup.

Peter Jaworski, a vet in Dubai, counted 140 sharks during a single visit to the market. They included smooth hammerheads, bigeye threshers, common threshers and a mako, all of which the International Union for Conservation of Nature lists as threatened.

There were also common blacktips, hardnose sharks and a spinner shark, which are classed as near-threatened.

Dried fins on sale at the market included one from a whale shark. Trading in products from this species is banned by an international treaty.

“The most…

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