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Yellowstone Nature Photography by D. Robert Franz & Franzfoto Tours

I’m been away from my blog for far to long.  November is typically a very busy month for me photographically and this year hasn’t been an exception.  I’m just back from trips to South Texas, Colorado and South Dakota to photograph mule and whitetail deer.  Most of the locations I travelled to didn’t have internet access.

This buck was photographed on an 8000 acre private ranch in South Texas that I visited with my long time friend Bill Draker.  The annual fall rut (or mating season) was a bit late this year and unfortunately I was leaving just as the rut was kicking in.  The bucks were just beginning to show themselves and I managed a few good opportunities.

 I flew back to Colorado from Texas to spend a week photographing the mule deer rut and I caught it just right and managed to capture some great images of some magnificent mule deer bucks.   I…

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