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During the five years I lived in south central Pennsylvania, my research focused on wood turtles and eastern box turtles, as I mentioned earlier. But I also was intrigued by the diversity of salamanders in the Appalachians, and had I remained, sooner or later I would have worked with them as well. Here in northeast Illinois our salamander fauna is limited to the mudpuppy, a newt, 3 mole salamanders, and perhaps a couple others, but most of these are rare and some were limited to the wooded wetland areas close to Lake Michigan. On my study area at the Reineman Sanctuary in Pennsylvania, salamanders were diverse (14 species live in that area, though I did not encounter all of them) and some occurred in large numbers. By far the most abundant was the dusky salamander.

In fact, the streams were where I found most species. Unfortunately I didn’t photograph…

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