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Yellowstone Nature Photography by D. Robert Franz & Franzfoto Tours

I just returned home last night from my “Bald Eagles of Alaska” photo tour.  I had a wonderful group.  Thanks Mike, Jim, Ken, Pete and Murray for a great time.  We had some cold weather early in the trip.  The boat had to break through ice during each trip.  Fortunately later in the tour  the weather warmed making it much more comfortable out on the ocean. We used a new boat this year. a 36 footer with tons of room for photography.  It worked extremely well.  The eagle photography was just fabulous with everyone shooting 2000-3000 images per day.  We had days with 40-50 eagles around us at all times.  I’ll just post a few images to start with.   Most of these are from the last morning.

Our boat from the last morning.  Where are the eagles?????

We found 21 harbor seals on the floating pack ice.  Below is a…

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