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Normanby Island is one of the Frankland Island group off the coast of Queensland, Australia – opposite the Mulgrave River estuary. Unlike many of the cays and isles of the Great Barrier Reef, Normanby Island has a solid core of weathered metamorphic rock which represents the top of a coastal mountain range that has become submerged and separated from the mainland by a rise in sea level 6,000 years ago.

However, the island is surrounded by thriving populations of living corals visible through the clear azure blue waters. The beaches are mostly composed of coral fragments derived from the reefs with only a small portion of the beaches being soft coral sands. These pieces of coral are the bleached skeletons of the many colourful species that live off-shore.

The photographs in this post show a selection of the many fascinating natural shapes and patterns in the larger pieces of coral…

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