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Peregrines again? Afraid so! Apologies if Brandon Hill NatureBlog has turned into Bristol Peregrine Blog recently, but after spending most of the Winter and early Spring watching the daily (and sometimes nightly) activities of the pair of peregrine falcons that were hunting around the Wills Tower and Brandon Hill, I have become a little obsessed.

I have spent most of this Summer following the various resident and visiting peregrines around the Bristol area, observing and photographing their breeding season and watching their daily dramas unfold – and who can blame me, when it has given me the opportunity to watch the above ball of fluff develop into the aerial assassin that it is gradually becoming…

Not long after my last post, I got my first glimpse of the town peregrine pair’s solitary chick poking it’s head up from it’s urban scrape. I was hoping for at least 2, but it…

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