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Tea Time at the Zoo

I stroked Broccles goodbye, leaned close to his oversized ear and told him I loved him. With heavy heart, I left the veterinary hospital without him, quashing the thought that I might never see him again.

At teatime we had realised he had not moved from beside the back door for hours. We found his eyeball swollen to a frightening size, and the white sliver within it looked big and messy, as though it had exploded inside his eye. Crusty leakage congealed on his fur. It smelled rotten. While I called the vets, Bunty placed the pet carrier in front of him and he stepped in as though he had been waiting for it. (He had been to the vet a few times already about his eye.)

“He’s obviously in a great deal of pain,” said the vet. “It looks like it’s time to make the decision to remove the…

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