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This post is kind of a follow-up to my last blog about Western thatching ants (Formica obscuripes) (The ants and the bumble bee’s bum: more macro photography of western thatching ants). While I was taking the pictures I used in that post, one small ant discovered me and took exception to my presence. I didn’t notice it until it crawled onto my thumb and started biting with great gusto! Happily, these ants don’t have a very fierce bite. There was no pain, but just a fairly gentle pinching. It may not have been causing any damage, but the ant was incredibly persistent—I couldn’t help but imagine it growling away like a miniature terrier as it determinedly tugged away on my thumb. I took a few photos (below), but unfortunately the ant was biting my right thumb. I’m right-handed and operating my camera with just my left…

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