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The Smaller Majority

My first visit to Africa was in 1989, when I went to visit some friends in Zimbabwe. Back then the country was still prosperous and democratic, Toni Childs optimistically sang “No more crime in your lifetime, Zimbabwe”, and nothing indicated the darkness it would soon descend into. I spent a few weeks traveling around the country, getting the first dose of what would soon become an obsession and a deep love for Africa. This was the first time that I saw elephants and other members of the “charismatics megafauna” outside of a ZOO, but the animals that made the greatest impression on me were not mammals, but big, slow-moving grasshoppers that covered nearly every bush and tree around the capital Harare. They were unafraid of me, they were colorful, and they looked …tasty. There was something about these bright, multicolored insects that just made me want to put them in…

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